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Enterprise Mobile

Here you will find the necessary information to activate the desired services. Follow the instructions in the respective sections Mobility for Work (either version S or M), Enterprise Mobility Management and Device as a Service.


Mobility for Work

Increased employee flexibility and reduced workload of fleet managers through Self Service in MySwisscom.

Mobility for Work S

Description & instructions

From now on, your employees can order their replacement SIM online under MySwisscom, block and unblock SIMs and request PUKs.

To identify themselves, employees must log into MySwisscom with their private Swisscom login and enter their NATEL® go number. You will find instructions for registering in MySwisscom here, which you can forward to your employees.

Mobility for Work M

Administration & support of your employees

Below you will find the business cases around subscriptions & mobile devices. In the case of authorised business cases, employees can carry out online transactions in MySwisscom or receive support by telephone from our Swisscom Service Desk (0800 724 004).

Do you want to modify the standard authorisations? Then please get in touch with your contact person following activation. You will find the deadline and contact information in the e-mail you received with the access to this document.

The employees may …

  1. … obtain their PIN/PUK.
  2. … have their SIM blocked and unblocked.
  3. … order a replacement SIM.
  4. … manage their Combox settings.
    (The Combox setting for NATEL® go is not available in MySwisscom, but can be accessed by telephone via Swisscom Service Desk.)
  5. … view and download their itemised bills.
  6. … view and download their NATEL® go bills.
    (* Bills are only visible to employees who pay the costs themselves.)
  7. … change the billing address and e-mail address.
    (** Only possible for employees who pay the costs themselves.)
  8. … have their mobile devices blocked and unblocked.
    (This is managed via the EMM service. The employee must register for this.)

The employees must not …

  1. … change their NATEL® go subscriptions to a different subscription type.
  2. … cancel their subscriptions and/or transfer the phone numbers to a private subscription.
  3. … manage the Multi Device option.
  4. … temporarily deactivate their telephone numbers.
  5. … reset their mobile devices to factory settings.
  6. … have their defective devices replaced in advance (swap).

Online Shop for your employees

With Mobility for Work M, you can give your employees access to the Online Shop so that they can order mobile devices, accessories, NATEL® go subscriptions and additional options themselves.

Special features:

Order approval

You can issue approval for the order or access to the Online Shop by sending an access code to the employee. The employee receives the access code and a direct link to the Online Shop by e-mail. From now on, the employee is responsible for ordering their mobile device and/or subscription.

Order profiles

Before you issue the access codes, define which products the employee is allowed to see in the Online Shop and who will cover the costs (company or employee). For mobile devices, it is also possible to split the costs by entering an amount limit that the company will cover. 
You can create several order profiles and thus display the products and payment option in the Online Shop differently for each employee.

Billing profiles

If you have several billing accounts in your company, you can assign the orders directly to them. When issuing the access code, select the corresponding billing profile.

Access code administration

You can process the issued access codes until the employee has redeemed them (order placed in the Online Shop): change expiry date, deactivate access code and order profiles.

What else do I need to take into consideration?

  • In the Online Shop, you can only order accessory products in combination with a mobile device.
  • If you also want to split the monthly subscription costs between you and your employees, you need the Fringe Benefit option. Please contact your Swisscom contact person for this.

Let’s go!

  1. Log into the Business Center and open the Mobility for Work eService.
  2. Under Profile management, create (once) the desired order profiles and billing profiles.
  3. You can now send the access codes to your employees under New Access Code.
  4. Under Access Code Manager, you have an overview of all issued access codes and can manage them as long as the employees have not yet redeemed them or placed an order.

View explanation video

After sending the access code, your employee will receive an e-mail with access to the online shop.


Information & instructions for employees

For identification purposes, the employees must log in with their private Swisscom login MySwisscom and enter their NATEL® go phone number.


In the Annex you will find an information mail template for your employees including a flyer, so that you can inform your employees with little effort. Only send this e-mail after the activation date (according to the date in the e-mail) or change the date in the text (the activation date instead of «with immediate effect»).

* As iOS user you can copy the email text here.


Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Protect business data on mobile devices to increase employee productivity with BYOD or company devices.

For EMM we need the contact details of your IT Manager and request that you fill out this form within 14 days after we have informed you about this service via e-mail. Then all your devices can be included in EMM.


Device as a Service (DaaS)

Simple management with mobile device inventory, cost certainty through device procurement via leasing, instalment or one-off payments as well as guarantee and repair management.

No further action is required for DaaS. However, if you would like to integrate your existing mobile devices into DaaS, you can use this form. You can purchase new devices via the Mobile Online Shop, where you can also select the device financing plan and the different DaaS versions.


Product information

Here you can find more information about Enterprise Mobile on our Swisscom website.


Mobility for Work

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Enterprise Mobility Management

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Device as a Service

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