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Maximum transparency and control. Register your business subscription in your Swisscom Customer Center and manage your subscription and device independently.

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Exclusive terms on our device models


You can find the selection of devices in the Online Shop using the Access Code. Or contact us by telephone.


  1. For a new device or subscription, contact your fleet manager (internal contact).
  1. You will receive the Access Code via email.
  2. Use the link in the email to enter the online shop.
  3. Log in using your private Swisscom login or follow the simple steps to create a new login.
  4. Select the product you want and submit the order.
  1. Use your private Swisscom login (not your NATEL login) to log into the My Swisscom.
  2. Go to “Add product > Business products > Register new business mobile”.

Frequently asked questions

Usage permissions and conditions for the employee

Usage permissions: Who is authorised to benefit from a NATEL® go subscription?

Employees in a normal employment or training relationship with no notice given are authorised to use a NATEL® go subscription. For further information on usage permissions, please ask your employer.

What NATELgo subscriptions are there to choose from?

Essentially, there are different voice and data subscriptions, which can be found on the Swisscom website. Your choice of NATEL® go subscription is set by your employer and communicated to you.

Am I tied into a minimum subscription/contract period?

Every subscription has a minimum period of three months. In this period, there is a fee of CHF 300 to switch to a cheaper subscription and CHF 500 to terminate the subscription. After the three month period, the subscription can be swapped to a cheaper one or terminated without additional costs.

Can I use my existing bundle offer from Swisscom (e.g. Tutto, Vivo, DSL@Mobile) and still benefit from the NATEL® go subscription offer?

In this case, the contracting partner for the offer is your employer, it cannot be integrated into a Swisscom bundle. Taking over the private telephone number has to dissolve the previous bundles.

Can I benefit from a bundle discount on NATEL® go with my Swisscom private customer offer (e.g. Vivo Casa, Tutto, inOne home)?

In this case, the contracting partner for the offer is your employer, there is no discount on NATEL® go for Swisscom private customers.

Registration and ordering a NATEL® go subscription

How do I order a NATEL® go subscription?

Consult your internal contact to get access to the online shop. You will then receive an Access Code by email for the Online Shop. You can order your subscription in the Online Shop.

Are there any costs involved in changing the telephone number or in transferring a Swisscom private plan to NATEL® go?

At the end of the minimum contract term of a Swisscom private subscription, you can switch to a NATEL® go subscription without incurring fees. Prior to this, there are termination fees in line with the Swisscom private subscription contract.

Can I switch the telephone number of my private subscription at a different provider (such as Sunrise, Salt) to NATEL® go?

Yes. This requires an authorisation form to be completed and signed. This form can be found in the online shop under step 4 “Telephone number options”.

You will have to check with your provider if there are any costs involved for the porting.

Exiting the NATEL®® go contract

Do I need to terminate my subscription if I leave the company?

The right of use lapses on termination of the employment contract. You are responsible for termination or conversion of your NATEL® go subscription into a private subscription.

Can I keep my number if I leave the company?

When the contract is concluded, the number is assigned to your employer. If you leave the company, you have the option of moving the number to a different contract.

If you have saved your subscription in the Swisscom Customer Center, you can get the number transferred on line (in the menu under “Business” and find the relevant subscription under “Transfer number”)

Can I switch directly to a subscription from another provider or a prepaid subscription?

No, you need to switch to a Swisscom private subscription first, so that you are registered as the owner rather than your employer. Once you have complied with the standard 60-day notice period, you can request porting to a new provider.

Invoicing and payment

Who pays the monthly costs for my NATEL® go subscription?

The payment of the NATEL® go subscription varies between companies. Consult your employer.

How do I pay my private share of the costs?

Various payment options are available: Using a paying-in slip, direct transfer, Debit Direct (post office direct debit) and e-billing.

For payment via direct debit, please complete the form, which you can request by calling 0800 724 004, and send it to your bank.

You can find information about setting up e-billing through your e-banking system. In the e-banking system, e-billing is suggested as a method of paying the first invoice. Then follow the instructions.

How can I change my payment method?

To change your payment method, contact our Service Desk (0800 724 004).

Can I access my invoice online?

If you are paying for the monthly subscription costs privately, you can access your invoices in the Customer Center at any time. This is providing you have registered your mobile number in the Customer Center.

How do I change my billing address?

You can change your billing address in the customer centre. Under My Data > Relocation & addresses you will find all your saved billing address.

Device offer and terms for employees

Where can I find information about the device selection and price conditions?
Our dedicated Service Desk Team will be happy to inform you about the current offer: 0800 724 004.

How can I order a device with my employer’s special price terms?

The Access Code gives you access to the online shop, where you can order a device.

What devices can I order?

You can find the choice of devices in the online shop.

How long does a device order take?

If the product ordered is in stock, the delivery time is 2-4 working days.

I can’t find the device I want in the online shop. How can I order it?

The selection of devices in the online shop is set by your employer. If you wish to order a specific device, please ask your employer.

Can I pick up a device from a Swisscom Shop?

Yes, once you have selected a device in the online shop, you can select “Collect from a Swisscom Shop” as the delivery option. You can then see which Swisscom Shops still have the device in stock. You can reserve the device and collect it on the same day.

Device support

How can I get my faulty device repaired?

You can get the device repaired in a Swisscom Shop.


Online administration tool for employees

Where can I administer my subscription online?

You can administer your subscription in the Swisscom Customer Center. To do this, you need to log in with your private login and enter your number under “Add product > Business products: Register new business mobile”. You will then receive a code via SMS, and you need to enter this.

How do I set up a Customer Center login?

Go to the Swisscom Customer Center, click on “Setup Swisscom login” and follow the steps. If you have any questions, our Service Desk will be happy to help.

What can I do in the Customer Center?

The Swisscom Customer Center allows you to manage your SIM card, subscription, invoices and costs independently at any time.

Use the DaaS (Device as a Service) and/or EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) to manage your device in the Customer Center.

Employee support

Who do I contact if I have questions or problems?

Our dedicated Service Desk Team is available around the clock on 0800 724 004.

How can I change my subscription?

Please telephone our Service Desk team to change your subscription.



Do you need support on purchasing a device? Would you like to adjust your subscription? We’d be glad to help.


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